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"The Danish host rode across Mercia into East Anglia and took winter quarters in Thetford and in the same year King Edmund fought against them and the Danes had the victory.

And they slew the king and overran the entire kingdom".

Steven Plunkett wrote that "The impact of the ninth-century Viking conquest of East Anglia was not superficial: in many ways it was cataclysmic." Later stories were to tell how Edmund was captured in battle, and was offered his life to share his kingdom and renounce his Christian faith.

This he refused to do and was shot with arrows and his head was cut off and thrown away.

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"Boneless" probably refers to the snake, a creature thought to be full of cunning and fearless in battle.

Within a generation Edmund would become accepted as a Christian saint.

After the foundation of his abbey at Bury St Edmunds, for some five centuries Edmund was to become not only the patron-saint of East Anglia but also the patron-saint of all England.

If Dommoc was located, not at Dunwich, but at Walton Castle, it seems likely that this was the city or civitas first burnt down by the vikings in this attack as described by Abbo of Fleury.

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The chronicle implies that King Edmund now paid them off in money, horses and supplies to keep the peace in East Anglia, and prevent further destruction.

It was the year of full scale invasion by the Great Army of the Danes.