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(Photo by Keystone/Getty Images) HOW TO BE NICE IN A "JUST" WAR In a "just" war, once the war is waged, the combatants are to direct their actions towards enemy combatants and not civilians, without causing excess harm.

Prisoners are not to be tortured and all military actions are to be taken from the principle of necessity and proportionality.

(Photo credit should read CORR/AFP/Getty Images)An American soldier takes a shower during the Battle of Snuol, Cambodia, 9th May 1970.

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After all, we went to Iraq essentially in self-defense, fearful of Saddam’s WMDs. The official reasons for US involvement in Vietnam were based on the “domino theory” that posited a domino effect of countries in Southeast Asia all falling under communist control if one country was to be taken over.Clare left the airport shaken, her luggage in tow, no longer in possession of the fake phallus but now acutely aware of the fact that Vietnamese law prohibits dildos, even as a prank.Yet, despite this strict disallowance of sex toys, Saigon residents require little more than a cursory Google search in order to track down that same contraband.The suitcase inched along, back and forth, until finally it slid down the conveyor belt. He requested that Clare open the bag for inspection and she complied.

After all, there was nothing to hide: beyond shorts and t-shirts, underwear and a couple basic necessities, there were few things inside that would set off alarm bells, though Clare did have an inkling as to what had so concerned the local customs agents.Standing in the customs line at Tan Son Nhat, Clare waited as her bag went through the X-ray scanner once, and then again.