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I always enjoy doing that, but of course it does not always drive me to make a passionate, sexual advance.And it did not do so that night--I was simply planning to go to bed and snuggle together with my arm around her. Put your arm around me and...'come on and hold me tight.'" She mimicked that seductive tone of the Troggs. That was the second time that evening she had quoted an old rock-n-roll song.Return to Home Page I should have guessed something was afoot.

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And it was Friday morning that her real plan began to unfold before me. Just before I left for the university, Laurie came to me. When you come back tonight, it'll be like picking me up. " Her whole demeanor radiated a childlike excitement. The reservations at the restaurant are for ." So..had made reservations too! She surely must have been planning this for a long time.

She snuggled up as closely as she could, laid her head on my shoulder (Paul Anka style), and put her hand on my leg, shall we say...relatively high up, but not quite all the way.

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