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10-Aug-2017 21:09

Its maybe me but on the description , you said "new scene : latias vaginal " for the 4.4.9 , and now " latias sex is update " for the 4.4.11 You know, this is probably the only "furry game" project I've been interested in.

Which is unfortunate because I've only really been interested in the breeder scenes which terraraptor seems to have been bored of for actual years now.

Regardless of this game's fate on that front, though, keep up the good work!

Mmh i not see any difference between the 4.4.9 et the 4.4.11 for latias .

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Also, Winter Raptor/Yukei/Nameless Feathered Menace, I hear you also moved to discord. In other news, this game is open source now (info on the blog about that). There's been some effort done by a member of the community to modernize the code and make it much easier for future work to be done, whether that be from me, or anyone else. Yeah, I kinda figured that out two minutes after posting that comment...Customer service and support is also available for a fee per incident.An email inquiry to Adobe produced a quick response of approximately 30 minutes.Even with the liepard and absol scenes the writing is terribly repetitive.

So, terra if you read this: just make a new project if you are bored. In other news, this game is open source now (info on the blog about that).It doesn’t appear that customer service offers an email address for customers to contact the service department.