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05-Jun-2017 18:44

[More...][related here] • Page numbering "outside" the margins.[More...] • Create text labels outside a document's page margins, along the edge of the page(s).☼ To set up headings to the left of the page's body text (such as found in many non-fiction books and manuals, and simulated on this website page), you can use Word Perfect's columns feature.[Screen shot in Page view] [Screen shot in Print Preview]: With the cursor in the first column, enter your formatted section heading (e.g., you could apply the Heading 2 style from the Styles drop list on the property bar; this style is shown in the sample screen shots above).[More...] • Create a user-specified "background fill" for the page, extending to outside page margins (or at any desired printable location).

(You can easily copy the macro code into Word Perfect; see here for instructions.

- Three easy ways to play macros, load programs, type (insert) keystrokes, or use built-in Word Perfect features by customizing toolbars, property bars, keyboards, and menus.